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RAPTOR is an AM-based technology for the cost-effective production of Ceramic and Metal parts. The process uses specially fabricated filaments with ceramic/metal powder content >50% by volume, which are shaped into desired geometry using specially developed in-house FFF printers.

The printed “green parts” may then be machined in order to include further details in the parts and to improve surface finish, after which they are subsequently heat treated at high temperatures to eliminate the binder and to sinter the powder – yielding pure and resistant parts suitable for all engineering applications in a matter of days. The RAPTOR yields both metal & ceramic parts with relative density of over 99% and mechanical characteristics (UTS, Yield, Fracture Toughness etc.) comparable to other contemporary AM techniques.

We offer services for part manufacturing and customized 3D-printers capable of working with filaments with high volumetric loading of metallic/ceramic powder (>50% by volume). We currently work with the following materials:



Click here to download the RAPTOR datasheet.


SHIEL3D is a thermal conductivity measurement instrument, based on a space technology, that can determine the thermal conductivity of thermal insulation materials in a matter of minutes and in an extended temperature range from -250°C (cryogenic materials) to 1000°C (fire-resistant materials). Its salient features have been given below:

  • Temperature range: -250°C to +1000°C
  • Measurement range: 1 mW/m-K to 2000 mW/m-K
  • Measurement time: 15 mins
  • Sample State: Solids & Liquids
  • Flexible and customizable for special applications
  • Suitable for:
    • Aerogels 
    • Ceramics
    • Composites
    • Foam-based insulation
    • Mineral wools
    • VIP
    • MLI 
    • Powder

SHIEL3D is available both as a service as well as a complete measurement instrument with suitable thermal test chamber (optional) to suit your material’s testing needs.

 Click here to download the SHIEL3D datasheet.

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