• Qualification Campaign for FDM of Metals & Ceramics with ESA We are happy to announce that – together with ESA’s research and technology center (ESTEC) in the Netherlands – we will be conducting the FIRST-EVER test campaign for the qualification of FDM of metals and ceramics  by the agency. The campaign will focus on establishing norms and standards for the FDM of metals and ceramics, and on generating extensive data on the properties of the
  • Casting Tool Demonstrator Figure: Casting tool demo manufactured out of Stainless Steel with internal cooling channels of diameter 4 mm ,2 mm, 1 mm & 0.5 mm The casting tool demonstrator (CTD) is a perfect example of how AM enables possibilities that have been until recently difficult to realise – or perhaps even not possible with the conventional manufacturing techniques. The above CTD has been manufactured out of Austenitic 316L Stainless Steel and can be
  • 2019: A Year in Review 2019 represents the first FY that TSI has officially survived – yes, SURVIVAL, a word, like it or not, frequently to be used in the first years of a company’s existence. We opened up shop in March 2019 marking the initiation of our incubation with ESA BIC Darmstadt – a dream come true – and since then soaked in this wonderful experience of trying to turn ideas into reality. In